Miguel Rubiera

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Miguel Rubiera

Owner & Art Director LumaREZ Media

"The most powerful person in the world is the storyteller" - Steve Jobs

After 6 years in the army, traveling the world to hone his craft as a storyteller and working with investment firms, private schools and eco-innovators, Miguel has returned to his roots. 

Now living in east Boston, he's driven to empower businesses by leveraging their own stories to craft their futures. Futures as leaders in their field, pillars of their community and beacons of opportunity. 

Through his novel approach to video as a medium for business growth; Miguel unravels your brand to it's core story and turns your unique offer into high impact videos to connect with your audience and achieve your goals. 

Whether those goals be; increased conversions, client retention, securing investment capital or simply announcing your brand's debut as a contender. Miguel is here to help you craft your narrative and Brighten up Your Brand.