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Why become an Inc.ubate Member?

A New Way to Work. Professional. Flexible. Collaborative. Are you a business pro looking for a new way to work? Welcome to Inc.ubate Coworking. We’re the only office space in the region that provides small business professionals a collaborative, inspiring community. We’ll help you build your business – with a diverse array of services, expertise, and innovation under one roof. 

Membership includes 24/7 access to the common work space through electronic key card entry with the ability to pre-book our conference or meeting room space on a first come first serve basis at no additional charge. 

From access to Inc.ubate Coworking’s network for professionals to amenities like wi-fi, meeting room, whiteboard room, lounge and a great deal more, membership in Inc.ubate brings you an extensive list of benefits and amenities. For details, contact us or download out Membership Brochure.

Member packages

Monthly unlimited access

$350 per month

For those folks who are afraid of commitment and want unlimited access to the space on a month-to-month basis.

Conference Room Rental

$25-$40 per hour

For those who need conference room access but are not members you can rent our state of the art conference room by the hour.  For Non-profits and local civic organizations, you can rent the conference room for $25 per hour.  If you are a for-profit company or individual the hourly rate is $40 per hour.  Not sure where you fit?  Give us a call (617-455-8674) to find out.

1 Day a Week

$100 per Month

So you don't need access to the space everyday but you could use some time away from your home office or simply want to connect into our business network.  Then this 1 day per week membership is for you.

Graduate Student Rate

$100 per Month

If you are a degree seeking graduate student and want a space to study and network, we've got space for you.

2-3 Days Per Week

$200 per month

What we call the "meet me in the middle" membership.  For those people who need a space more than once a week but not everyday.

Inc.Ubate Coworking

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Membership brochure

Our memberships are not just about a place to work. We’ve thoughtfully put together key amenities and partnerships to help you succeed and have fun while doing it. Please download our membership brochure for further details.