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Inc.Ubate Coworking: About Us

Inc.ubate Coworking has a goal: To connect innovative, entrepreneurial and small business professionals to one another, and the business resources they need to succeed and grow the region’s economic ecosystem.  Our reach expands the North Shore of Boston from East Boston to Salem.

Founder & Host, Michael Lucerto founded Inc.ubate Coworking in 2016 for those professionals in the area who were seeking a new way to work.  The company is inspired by Michael’s experience working from other coworking locations around the world – combined with the need for revitalization of downtown business districts.  

Inc.ubate Coworking hopes to achieve four main community objectives which are:

  • To revitalize downtown area of the communities we operate in and make it a destination for young professionals, their clients, and coworkers.
  • Become a local hub and driver of ideas for local business/economic development.
  • Establish a working/learning culture.  This means that members will learn additional expertise from their peer members and Inc.ubate Coworking guests.  Inc.ubate Coworking will also aim to pass knowledge onto the community beyond the confines of the physical space.
  • Support local scholarship, improved educational access, and professional development.

Coworking, is not just for start-ups, it’s for people who are seeking a new way to work.  Some are solo entrepreneurs, remote workers, and other work-from-home types.  Other’s join looking for an extended business network and the resources that a coworking space can offer their personal and professional development. To meet our members, click here.

Our Team

Michael Lucerto

Host & Founder
Michael Lucerto Inc.Ubate Host & Founder

Blending local and global, technology and tradition: Michael is the founder of Inc.ubate Coworking.  Michael’s family has owned and operated businesses in Winthrop for 4 generations. His professional career in International Education, technology, and innovation have brought him to all corners of the earth.  He’s determined to blend cutting edge business and community development with the local traditions of the communities Inc.ubate Coworking operates in.  Michael has held leadership roles as the Boston Area Study Abroad Association (BASAA) Co-Chair, a member of the Board of Directors for the Fund for Education Abroad (FEA), former member of Executive Board for the Winthrop Chamber of Commerce, and former City Councilor in Winthrop.

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