Mikki L. Wilson

Mikki Wilson Photo

Mikki L. Wilson

CEO, Dot Connector Consulting, LLC

Dubbed “The Dot Connector” by friends and colleagues, Mikki Wilson

transforms communication and connections into an art form. As a

marketer, influencer, and activist, she is a big-picture thinker who connects

people to solutions.

Despite a successful 15-year marketing career, Mikki found corporate and

traditional office environments promoted a “work harder, not smarter”

culture, especially towards black and indigenous people of color (BIPOC).

Achieving a work-life balance was nearly impossible.

Disillusioned and depressed, she took a path less chosen and walked away

from her career to manage caregiving and family obligations. This

transition sparked Mikki’s entrepreneurial spirit. She celebrated the launch

of Dot Connector Consulting in February 2019, during Black History Month.

As CEO, her first creative executive decision: only to work with

entrepreneurs and business owners who value time over money.

Dot Connector Consulting shortens entrepreneurs’ and business

owners’ path to revenue by providing virtual marketing assistance.

Outsourcing day-to-day marketing activities to a trusted virtual

assistant frees up the time needed to grow and scale your

business. Reconnect time to your bottom line.