Brian Dolan

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Brian Dolan

CEO & Founder Work Reduce

I provide high-quality onshore virtual staffing for buyers and sellers of digital media. 

Our staff are young, dynamic, hard-working professionals specializing in Media Analytics and Campaign Management.

Our Services
- Virtual staffing
- Campaign setup & management
- Account management
- Quality assurance
- Analytics + Automation (tag management / deployment / QA, javascript, reporting, etc.)

Benefits to You
- Rapidly adapt to accommodate changing demand, technologies and client needs
- Highly responsive staff on-demand without the pain and cost of recruiting, hiring and firing
- Solve margin compression issues that decrease business profitability
- Vary your team size according to seasonal highs and lows
- Access to key skills across the USA regardless of your location

Most importantly, you get solid expertise, scalability and predictability without building and managing an internal team. 

How We're Different
- Onshore-only staff. There are no cultural, time zone or complexity issues. 
- We are micro-task focused and incorporate quality assurance in everything we do.
- You get a dedicated Client Manager with 10+ years agency experience (WPP, Densu, Saatchi, etc.) to supervise and guide your success.
- We have procedures for everything = no reinventing the wheel.
- Our onboarding process is seamless with templates, videos, documents, etc. We record how everything is done so you only have to teach it once.
- Flexibility. We charge hourly (not by FTEs) with a 7-day out clause in most cases.

If your business is programmatic, media trading, direct response, offline media, or ad resellers (FB, AdWords, Amazon) our team can handle it.

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