Inc.Ubate Baby Party

Inc.Ubate Coworking: Inc.Ubate Baby Party

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An office might not be the obvious choice for a party to welcome a baby, but the arrangement of Inc.ubate works out quite nicely, as it turns out.


Eliana and Charles Southworth got creative turning what is normally a productive work zone into a relaxed, inviting party space as they invited friends and family to join them in celebrating the birth of their daughter.


“It worked out really well, because there were different areas where people could hang out,” Charles explained. “There is plenty of room and people can circulate throughout the building.”


Eliana said she appreciated the convenience.


“It was an easy set up so we didn’t have to worry about anything. And, the space is so inviting that it doesn’t really feel like an office. It’s just a comfortable space.”


They set up food along the long open counter in the front open desk room. In the back, guests gathered around the fireplace or hung out near the fish tank.  The smaller meeting rooms were perfect for quieter conversations. There was even a large enough space to get everyone together for the speeches.


“It turned out the be a great venue,” Eliana said. “Everyone had a great time, and we were able to enjoy our guests.”


“I think my hair was really the worst part of the event, but that somewhat receded into the background overall. It felt like we got a head start with this party by going with Inc.ubate!” said Charles.


Inc.ubate is available to larger groups for conferences, workshops and parties. For more information about hosting your next event, contact Michael.